Sunday, October 11, 2009

Back, didn't kill anything

Cell phone coverage was pretty spotty so I didn't get a chance to post much while down there. Anyways, here's a recap:

Day 1

Traffic out of Atlanta was awesome.

There was an air show in Peachtree City and it was freaking me out with all these jets flying around while I was trying to drive. I had to stop at the grocery store and snapped this pic of an fighter jet doing some stunts. I think it's an F-15 F/A-18 but it's hard to tell from the pic:

I got to the lease around 5ish and set up camp:

After I got everything set up and went to sleep, it started pouring. I opened the tent door and saw this:

And then I found this stick bug inside the tent:


The stickbug was released unharmed.

Day 2

Got up at 5:30am and everything was wet. It poured all night. All of the important things (gun, clothes, gear, etc) were dry but the bottom of the tent was a small lake and my sleeping bag was soaked.

I made some coffee and got out to the treestand by around 6. It didn't get light out until around 7:15. I didn't see shit. I climbed down and went back to camp to eat some lunch. After lunch I did some reading then went back out hunting from about 3pm until it got dark at 7:30. I didn't see shit all day. Here's the view from my stand:

It was hot and humid and mostly horrible the whole day. I really prefer cold, dry weather for hunting. The mosquitoes are terrible but having a ThermaCELL saved my life in the treestand.

Day 3

This morning everything was mostly dry, there was no rain. I forgot to let my sleeping bag dry out yesterday (oops!) so I had to sleep in a wet sleeping bag. That was awesome. Anyways, I got up at 6 and made it out to the treestand by 6:30. This time I saw 2 deer, around 8:30 - they walked right in front of my stand, about 50yds away. It was a doe and a fawn. I didn't shoot. I was pretty excited about seeing deer though.

I left the stand around 10:30 and walked around the trails for a bit then went back to camp and took a 4 hour nap, then packed up my gear and tent and loaded everything into the truck. Around 5pm I went back into my stand and sat there until it started getting dark. I walked back to the truck and saw a deer on the trail, but it was too dark to see if it was a doe or buck. It was also facing away from me so I didn't have a shot anyways. I moved and it ran away. After that I changed clothes, got in the truck, then came home.

Not sure what I'll do tomorrow yet, maybe just relax at home and catch up on some TV.


  1. Looks like an F/A-18. It would be easier to tell if the vertical stabaiizers were visible.

  2. Jon,

    I believe that aircraft to be a F-18 F SuperHornet. The bug is nasty!


  3. Jon,
    You may need to lay down a trail with Tink's lure or what you can find, also you need to call, try buck grunt, doe bleat and try rattling, make a fake scrape. If I could I would be down there and we could set up and kill some deer.

  4. Yeah, definitely an F/A-18. You can see the tips of the stabilizers and they're on the engine and in a V shape. The F-15's stabilizers are beside the engines and vertical.

  5. Dad, I think it was still too early to try that stuff. Most people that get deer this early set up their stands in good spots - between the beds and the food, on a good trail. My stand was just in the middle of the woods in a spot with good visibility. It'll be good for when the rut starts, but now it kinda sucks. I can get a doe now but there isn't really any chance of me getting a legal buck (4 points on one side) from this stand until later this year.

    I don't know if I'm going out this weekend (first day of rifle season) or waiting a few days. Supposedly next Tues/Wed the sun and moon will be in the right position to make the deer start moving in the afternoon.