Monday, October 19, 2009

Hunting today

I left home around 6am and got into my spot by around 7:45ish, right after sunrise. I wanted to get there earlier but things didn't work out. Anyways, around 11am a buck walked past. It was just a 4 point, which isn't legal to shoot in the county I'm in, so I let it go. It came pretty close - it was only about 15 yards away. I took a picture but my flash was on (oops!) and he got scared and ran. I called him back with a grunt call just for fun but I couldn't get any better pictures.

I left around 3pm to come back home. I'll probably go back down tomorrow morning. It was nice today because it was cold and there were no mosquitos.

EDIT: Here's another picture. It's bad, but you can see one side of his antlers.

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