Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hunting today, didn't see anything

Sat up in a tree from 8am until 6pm, didn't see any deer. I probably should have stayed up there until 7, but after 10 hours up in a tree with just my mind and a loaded gun to keep me company, I started losing my already tenuous grasp on reality. What little sanity I have left started slipping away. I packed 'er up early and headed home. I hope this case of Budweiser can rewire my neurons and fix my shit. Next time I'm taking a book so I have something to occupy my time other than psychosis.

Actually, I think 10 hours is pretty good. My goal was to go from sunup to sundown without leaving the tree stand and I didn't quite make it, but most people probably wouldn't have lasted more than an hour or two. It takes some practice. Maybe next time I can pull it off. Also the days are getting shorter so that will help.

I'm sick of driving around so I'm not doing anything tomorrow. Maybe I'll go running after the hangover wears off or something.

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