Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Kayak fishing at Lake Lanier

I didn't feel like waking up early enough to go hunting, so I took my kayak to the lake to go fishing around 11ish. The weather was pretty awesome - sunny, no wind, the lake was calm. Also there were no idiots out water skiing because it's a work day.

Here's my GPS track - I didn't go very far. Only about 3.5 miles total in 5 and a half hours of fishing.

Check it out on Google Maps here. If you zoom out you can see how big the lake is and how little of it I covered.

Here are my feets:

The island I'm heading towards in that pic is where I had lunch. Here's my kayak after I parked for lunch:

My new fish finder didn't see any fish. I have it mounted in a weird spot, it's behind me because that's the only place it'll clamp on. I need to rig something up to keep it in front of me so it's more useful.

And last but not least, here's the only fish I managed to get into the boat in 5.5 hours of fishing. I had another on but it got away, and I had a ton of follows too. This is a nice little largemouth bass, it put up a good fight. It was released unharmed.

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