Monday, October 5, 2009

Shooting Range

Today I went to the shooting range at Wilson Shoals WMA near Alto, GA. It's about an hour and a half drive from here, but the range is free to use. There's a range officer that keeps things safe. The full range is only about 80 yards but that's enough to sight in a rifle.

The first gun I sighted in was my new Thompson/Center Omega Z5 in-line muzzleloader. I don't have a scope on it and only sighted it in for 30 yards. I'm not really comfortable hitting a deer farther away than that with open sights. I got this gun just for primitive weapons season, which only lasts a week (starting Oct 10).


Bench, different angle:

Target, after I was done. Still not on the red but close enough for me. I really need more practice with it. Also I think I want to put a scope on it.

Here's my "real" deer rifle that I'll take out on the weekend of Oct 17. It's a Savage Model 110 chambered in .270 Winchester. I got it for Christmas when I was 14. I sighted it in for 80 yards, but when I got home I found out my scope was loose. Now I need to take it back to the range before the weekend of the 17th.

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  1. Remember that a 270 is shot in at 50 yds dead on and at 100 yds it will be 1 inch high then dead on at 200 yds from your pappy stitt's book of shooting.